Attorneys specializing in areas of intellectual property rights can assist a company in several ways. Intellectual properties have value and as such the registration thereof should be done with the assistance of attorneys well versed in the various intellectual property laws.

Trade Marks

One example is that of trademark registration. Although one can easily register a trademark without the assistance of corporate attorneys, the complexity of the application can lead to a trademark not fully protected, one that infringes on the rights of another and thus also infringement lawsuits.

Before the trademark is registered it is essential to conduct a thorough company name and trademark search with which the corporate attorney can assist. The next step is to select the best possible categories in which to register such and to decide on the strength of the trademark. The intellectual property  attorneys can assist in all of the above instances.

License Agreements

Another example of how intellectual property attorneys can assist is in the setting up of license agreements with other parties. If the company creates software it is essential to have the terms and conditions of usage and thus user agreements in place.

With many types of software licenses available one must carefully consider the future usage of the software. The attorney specializing in copyright can assist in drafting proper terms & conditions and license agreements.

Inventions & Patents

When it comes to patent rights and the registration thereof, one can file a provisional patent without the assistance of intellectual property attorneys, but must file the permanent patent application with the help of corporate patent attorneys. In essence, almost every transaction and business correspondence is governed by some form of intellectual property law. Get legal advice and assistance from experienced intellectual property attorneys.

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