Copyright Applications | Property of the Creator

There are no copyright applications in this country. Once a creation of the mind has been put into tangible form, it automatically becomes the property of the creator. Copyright applies to

  • Literary works (eg. novels, poems, textbooks, letters, reports, lectures, speeches)
  • Musical works
  • Artistic works (eg. paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs)
  • Cinematograph films and video recordings
  • Sound recordings
  • Broadcasts (electromagnetic transmissions intended for reception by the public)
  • Programme-carrying signals (a programme signal that passes through a satellite)
  • Published editions of books (usually the first print of a literary or musical work)
  • Computer programs (instructions directing the operation of a computer)

Copyright Articles

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    If you want to register copyright on a cinematograph film in South Africa, you will have to complete a copyright application…
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    Too many amateur photographers make the mistake of thinking that any photo they upload to the internet will automatically…
  3. Software Copyright
    Once the computer program is created in a material form, the work is instantly subject to copyright…
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    There are two principal international copyright conventions, the Berne Convention and the Universal Copyright…
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    The only form of copyright which can be registered in South Africa, is copyright in a cinematographic film…
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    In the U.S copyright registrations can be filed through the United States Copyright…
  7. Copyright Facts
    The general rule is that the author / writer / photographer / creator is the first owner of copyright…

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