Copyright Law

One of the most common disputes regarding copyright has to be with determining who holds the authorship of the work.

In South Africa then copyright law is very clear on this, and the guidelines can be summarised as follows:

  • Literary, musical or artistic works – the person who first makes or creates the work
  • Films – the person who made arrangements for the making of the film
  • Broadcasts – the first broadcaster
  • Published editions – the publisher of the edition
  • Photographs – the person responsible for the composition of the photograph
  • Sound recordings – the person who made arrangements for the making of the recording
  • Programme-carrying signals – the first person emitting the signal to a satellite
  • Computer programs – the person who exercised control over the making of the program

There are, however, exceptions. Smit & Van Wyk Incorporated is a legal agency that specialises in intellectual property, and we will be able to assist you with any query related to copyright law.

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