Patent Lawyer in Gauteng

As a leading Gauteng patent lawyer, Smit & Van Wyk Incorporated has extensive experience in successfully applying for patents.

Here are our basic steps and advice to you when applying for a patent:

  • KEEP THE INVENTION SECRET until a patent application has been filed at the South African Patent Office.
  • Contact us to discuss patent protection for your invention.
  • We can also discuss the possibility of conducting patent searches to provide you with background information of what has been patented before in your field.
  • We shall then, upon receipt of a deposit, prepare a patent specification for the invention.
  • The patent specification will be forwarded to you for approval.
  • Thereafter we file a patent application at the South African Patent Office in Pretoria.
  • Only after we have confirmed that the patent application has been filed at the Patent Office may you disclose your invention.

Whatever you intellectual property protection requirements are, Smit & Van Wyk Incorporated should be your Gauteng patent lawyer of choice.

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