Intellectual Property

Because not all property with value is always tangible, a series of laws have been developed over the years to protect what is collectively known as intellectual property.

While these laws are mainly restricted to the applicable territories, the have been standardised to a large extent internationally. These laws usually provide legal monopolies over creations of the mind in order to protect the work of the creator and allow them to take full advantage of the fruits of their labour in creating the specified work.

Depending on the nature of the work in question, the most common ways of protecting it is by applying for a registered trademark, patent or copyright.

Smit & Van Wyk Incorporated is a specialist South African legal practice dealing exclusively with intellectual property law.

Our fields of practice encompass all aspects, including litigation, relating to patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright, as well as providing advice on the commercial rights attached to each of these forms of protection

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