Music Piracy

Music piracy is now more prevalent than ever and with the ease of downloading MP3 and other file formats from pirate websites, millions of consumers are becoming involved and thus guilty of music piracy.

It is killing the music industry as artists do not get their royalties due even though their music is listened to by thousands.

A music store in Australia was recently investigated by police and the owner has been found guilty of 15 copyright offences including the sale of pirated works.

Australia has taken a harsh stand on music piracy and copyright infringement with penalties of up to five years imprisonment and $60 000 fines for individuals.

In South Africa the problem is even worse with pirated movies and music being sold on the streets by vendors. As long as there is support the crime will continue.

If you suspect music piracy or copyright infringements of your work you should contact Intellectual Property lawyers right away.

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