South Africa Trademark Laws

Do the South Africa trademark laws extend to domain names on the Internet?

The Internet has opened a whole new minefield for copyright and trademark infringements. The South Africa trademark laws can also be applied to domain names on the Internet, provided that the domain name is a registered trademark. It is not that simple to get a domain name registered as a trademark, but it is possible.

You may very well find that your domain infringes on the trademark rights of another domain name owner.

If a company such as a soft drink beverage maker has a specific brand associated with its drinks the company may wish to also register their domain as a trademark to prevent any possibilities of another company using a similar name to confuse users.

With no regulatory body to enforce the South Africa trademark laws on domain names, many such infringements can take place.

If you need help to register your domain name as a trademark, contact our office to ensure that you succeed within the boundaries of South Africa trademark laws.

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