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Intellectual Property Lawyer

You may require the assistance of an intellectual property lawyer when you have infringed on the rights of an intellectual property holder. This can easily happen when you have a website and have used material from another site to create an article. If not properly sited and if you don’t have the written permission from […]

Intellectual Property Lawyers

Nobody needs to be told how much technology have advanced over then past few decades, and this development seems to still be accelerating daily. When it comes to intellectual property, this progress has led to many new media, classifications and categories that require their own types of regulation. As specialist intellectual property lawyers, Smit & […]

Intellectual Property Law

With the continuous accelerated advancement of technology, we are constantly bombarded with new media and fresh and innovative ways of expressing creativity. At the same time, the intellectual property law that is meant to protect these creations cannot always evolve at the same rate, and it is possible for some individuals to take advantage of […]

Lawyers for Intellectual Property

Software forms in indispensable part of our daily lives, and large amount s of money goes into developing specialised programmes to help companies perform better, faster and more efficiently. Because of this large investment, it does happen at times that there are disputes of ownership between individual creators and companies. To ensure a fair outcome, […]

Attorneys for Intellectual Property

Because of its intangible nature and number of laws regulating various aspects, intellectual property can potentially prove to be a legal nightmare if a dispute concerning it arises. Many people don’t know their rights concerning the creation of intellectual property, and can thus be easily taken advantage of by unscrupulous characters. If you find yourself […]

Intellectual Property

Because not all property with value is always tangible, a series of laws have been developed over the years to protect what is collectively known as intellectual property. While these laws are mainly restricted to the applicable territories, the have been standardised to a large extent internationally. These laws usually provide legal monopolies over creations […]