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What is a Patent?

What is a Patent? A patent is a form of intellectual property that offers patent owners exclusive rights to use and exploit their invention. Once the owner of an invention has been granted a patent in any particular country, they then have the legal authority to exclude others from  using or exploiting the invention in that […]

The Patent Office Role

The patent office is the authorized office appointed by a country’s government that controls and oversees the issuing of patent rights to inventors. The patent office has the right to refuse the granting of a patent right if the invention and or application does not meet requirements. The South African Patent Office resides with CIPRO […]

Defending Patent Rights

Role of Pretoria patent lawyers in defending patent rights Since South Africa doesn’t have an investigating patent office, the applicants must make sure that their inventions meet the minimum requirements for patents. As such it can happen that the patentability of an invention can be questioned by another party even when the patent has been […]

Role of Gauteng Patent Lawyers

Some of the key responsibilities regarding patent applications of the Smit & Van Wyk Gauteng patent lawyers are briefly described below. The Smit & Van Wyk Gauteng patent lawyers assess the inventiveness of the application and assist in the completion of all relevant documents to ensure that the applicant’s rights are protected to the maximum. […]

Guidance by Patent Attorneys

The Smit & Van Wyk Gauteng patent Attorneys assist clients in various ways including that of consultation. One example of a situation where the guidance of the Smit & Van Wyk Attorneys will be useful is that of knowing the rights that are obtained when a patent application is successful. Advice will be provided such […]

Understanding Public Disclosure of Inventions

Inventors often make terrible mistakes regarding public disclosure of inventions. As such a brief explanation of public disclosure of inventions and how it will affect your patent rights is provided below. Public disclosure of inventions entails any disclosure of information about the invention before the actual patent application filing is done. It doesn’t just entail […]

Patent Rights Categories

There are a few categories for patent rights, but we recommend that you get in touch with one of our attorneys to help you determine under which category/categories you can file your invention for patent rights: Machines Manufacturing items Components Processes Improvements Machines Machines can be mechanical devices or various devices together with a specific […]

What are Patent Rights?

What exactly are your patent rights? A patent is a set of exclusive rights that enable you to exclude anyone from making, using, selling or offering for sale the patented invention without your express permission. A patent right is regarded as property, and in terms of the Law it may be disposed of in the […]