World’s most Registered Trademarks – China

Registered Trademarks - China

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An intellectual property rights official stated that China has the world’s most registered trademarks. Tian Lipu, director of the State Intellectual Property Office, said at the State Council Information Office that China received over a million new trademark applications in 2010.

Tian also said that in 2010, the country submitted 12,337 patent applications abroad Patent Cooperation Treaty. These applicants were the fourth largest group in the world to do so last ear. IPR authorities in China handled 1,077 patent dispute cases and solved 728 counterfeit cases last year.

China has been implementing a special crackdown on intellectual property rights violations since October 2010, with a focus on copyrighted and counterfeited trademarks and products, the most common targets of PR criminals, Tian said.

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