Trademark terms used in Ads: There are multiple factors that determine when trademarks can be used in AdWords text ads. If a trademark owner files a complaint with Google about the use of their trademark in AdWords ads, Google will investigate and may enforce certain restrictions on the use of that trademark in AdWords text ads. Ad campaigns targeting Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Ireland may use a trademark in ad text if the ad is in compliance with our policy on resellers and informational sites. Read More

Advertisers can use a trademarked term within ad text if they are authorized, meaning that the trademark owner sent Google the necessary form allowing an advertiser’s particular account to use a certain term. An ad can use a trademarked term in its text if  the ad text uses the term descriptively in its ordinary meaning rather than in reference to the trademark, and, the ad is not in reference to the goods or services corresponding to the trademarked term. Read More

Under our EU and EFTA policy, the following types of ads may use a trademark as a keyword, provided that the combination of the keyword and ad is not confusing:

  • Ads using a trademarked term when that term is being used in its ordinary meaning rather than in reference to the trademark
  • Ads for competing products or services
  • Ads for resale of the trademarked goods or service
  • Ads for the sale of components, replacement parts, or compatible products corresponding to a trademark
  • Ads for informational sites about a product or service corresponding to the trademark

Trademark terms used in keywords: Google will not investigate or restrict the use of trademark terms in keywords, even if a trademark complaint is received. Read More