gTool is the leading tooling brand committed to innovation in the mobile and cell repair industry. PenDriver is the worlds first artificial intelligent screwdriver that is able to think for itself and determine screw orientation.

PenDriver Pro

The PenDriver Pro comes with all the essentials to assemble or disassemble a device with speed and precision. The Pro is programmed with Smart Automatic Mode which makes the PenDriver Pro the most intelligent electric screwdriver. It uses smart algorithms to predict, sense and determine screw orientation. Within this mode no torque selection is necessary because it reads torque from the previous fastened screw and recalls it to the loosened one. The PenDriver Pro thinks for itself which eliminates fatigue and improves productivity.

PenDriver ESD

The PenDriver ESD is USB powered with Smart Manual Mode and 4 preset torque limit settings. The PenDriver ESD  determines orientation by the amount of pressure applied to the screw. The PenDriver ESD is made from dissipative antistatic soft touch plastic which has the ability to dissipate unwanted static buildup and eliminates damage to sensitive electronic components.

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Today is a milestone. We’ve successfully split the iPhone X glass from OLED panel on first attempt. We have geared the DRS for the future! Visit or email for more information ... See MoreSee Less

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OLED panel still on working conditions ???

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How can I buy the tool

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So is this so you guys can repair the devices?

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How much and where can I purchase??

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Colin Pratt Ryan Quigley 😬🔥

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Adam Green

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