Patent Costs

Provisional Patent Application (R15 000 – R18 000)

For inventions of low to medium technical complexity, typical costs for preparing and filing a South African Provisional patent application are usually in this range, depending on the complexity of the invention. The more complex the invention, the more it costs to draft the patent application. Read more about Patent Specification and Drawings. However, after consulting with you, we shall be able to provide you with a more accurate cost estimate for preparing and filing the patent application. We shall only proceed once we have received your express instructions to do so and shall take no further actions in this regard should you not wish to obtain patent protection for your invention.

Complete Patent Application

Filing of a South African Complete patent application is slightly more expensive than filing a South African Provisional patent application. However, at the time of filing your complete application, you will have a much better idea of the commercial potential of your invention and whether it is commercially viable to file a complete patent application, or patent applications.

Annual Renewal Fees

Once a patent has been granted, annual renewal fees are payable and a patent will lapse if the renewal fees are not paid timeously. Contact us for more information on Annual Renewal Fees.


Should you wish to proceed with the patenting process, we shall, upon receipt of a deposit, prepare a patent specification for the invention. The patent specification and drawings will, upon completion, be forwarded to you for approval. When you are satisfied that the patent specification and drawings is complete, we shall file a patent application containing the patent specification and drawings at the South African Patent Office in Pretoria. Only after we have confirmed that the patent application has in fact been filed at the Patent Office may you disclose your invention. Keep in mind that the patenting of your invention is no guarantee of its commercial success. In addition, you may also wish to obtain Design protection, or protect your company or product name with a registered Trade Mark.

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