Jacques Steyn

Jacques Steyn

Candidate Patent Attorney

Previous Positions

Junior Mechanical Engineer at CFAM technologies.

Candidate Patent Attorney at Rademeyer Attorneys.

Jacques Steyn

Jacques is a candidate patent attorney who specializes in computer implemented, mechanical and electromechanical inventions.  After completing his engineering degree at the North-West University, he practiced as a junior design engineer before pursuing a career in Intellectual Property Law.  He is currently studying towards a degree in law and is also in the process of completing the requisite examinations towards qualifying as a patent attorney.  Jacques has experience in patent specification drafting and local and international patent searches.


North West University (Potchefstroom)
B.Eng. Mechanical

Focus Areas

Mechanical, Civil, General Engineering, Software and Gadget type inventions. Patentability searches.

Registered Designs:
Industrial designs, product designs, 3D printed models and packaging.

Patent and Design infringement opinions.