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The Renaissance Guy, Andrew Patterson, has a goal of hiking up Table Mountain, Cape Town, every day for a full year… but for what purpose? Last year, Andrew realised that he had a calling to contribute something positive in South Africa, so he started the 365 Ubuntu Climbs project to raise money for charity. The main beneficiaries of the project include Habitat for Humanity, One Heart for Kids and The Sunflower Fund. The project involves Andrew hiking up Table Mountain every day for a year, come rain or shine, and anyone who would like to contribute to the cause can make a donation or even join him on a climb. On Sunday, 21 October 2018, Wessel van Wyk joined Andrew on his 294th hike up Table Mountain on behalf of Smit & Van Wyk, Inc. Wessel found it to be a rewarding experience and said he would definitely do it again. Please support this unique initiative by spreading the word: 365 Ubuntu Climbs. Andrew’s blog can be located at https://renaissanceguy.co.za.

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