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Egypt is a “first to file” jurisdiction and  trade mark registration is mandatory to be granted rights over a mark. Only in some exceptional cases can an unregistered trade mark be protected. Angola recognises the goods and services classes from the Nice Classification and allows for multi-class filing. Angola trade marks are valid for 10 years from the filing date and renewable for further periods of 10 years.

Angola is a member of the Paris Convention where each contracting state must grant the same IP protection to nationals of other contracting states. The Paris Convention provides for the right of priority in the case of patents, trade marks and designs.

Smit & Van Wyk IP lawyers and Africa agents deal exclusively with trade mark law in most African countries, including Angola trade marks. Our fields of practice encompass all aspects relating to trade mark applications, renewals and protection. Our services includes trade mark searches, prosecution, maintenance and enforcement, but more specifically:

(1) Providing advice on the registrability, selection, use and retention of trade marks;
(2) Preparing and prosecuting trade mark applications;
(3) Helping clients license or franchise their rights;
(4) Handling of trade mark maintenance including payment of renewal fees and recording amendments.

Egypt Patents & Designs

The patent lawyers at Smit & Van Wyk deal exclusively with patent law including all aspects related to filing patents, PCT national phase applications and industrial designs in most African countries, including Angola. Our dedicated team of patent lawyers include engineers and scientists. We provide a wide range of patent-related services across multiple industries and fields of technologies, including patent drafting, filing, prosecution:

(1) We prepare and prosecute patent and design applications;
(2) Advise on the patentability of inventions;
(3) Help clients license, franchise or assign their rights;
(4) Conduct patent searches;
(5) Handle the payment of maintenance fees;
(6) Record amendments to a patent and translate patent specifications into local Languages to maintain the clients rights.

Intellectual Property in Africa

Smit & Van Wyk Intellectual Property services spans across the entire African continent. Patent, PCT National Phase applications and Trade Mark filings in most African countries, OAPI and ARIPO.

Many African countries form part of ARIPO or OAPI allowing for the filing of only one application to obtain protection in multiple territories. These regional systems reduce the administrative burden of those countries and support a better output of the relevant laws.

Most applications / filings
South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Kenya, Angola, Tanzania, Mauritius, Tunisia, Zambia, Ethiopia.

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