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ARIPO Patent Filings

ARIPO Patents

Smit & Van Wyk Intellectual Property law firm specialises in Patent and PCT National Phase filings for ARIPO (African Regional Intellectual Property Organization). ARIPO is an intergovernmental organisation for English-speaking African countries which implements common administrative procedures from a uniform system for the protection of intellectual property. The relevant protocol for ARIPO patents is the Harare Protocol, which 18 States have acceded to:

Eswatini (formerly Swaziland)
Sào Tomé and Príncipe
Sierra Leone

ARIPO requires the applicant to choose the specific member states where protection is required.

(Unlike OAPI where a single application automatically covers all member states)

ARIPO trade marks require the applicant to choose the specific member states where protection is required (Unlike OAPI where a single application automatically covers all member states). ARIPO also features the Swakopmund Protocol on the protection of traditional knowledge. For ARIPO Trade Mark filings, follow this link.

Filing Requirements for ARIPO Patents

Patents of Invention (Non-PCT)
Power of Attorney (signed)
Specification, claims and abstract in English.
Drawings, if applicable.
International Patent Classification.
Assignment of Invention.
Priority document with verified English translation.

National Phase PCT Applications:
Power of Attorney (signed)
Specification, claims and abstract in English.
Drawings, if applicable.
International Patent Classification.
Copy of PCT International Publication (required on day of filing)
Copy of International Search Report.
Copy of International Preliminary Examination Report.


Inventions, Ideas, New, Inventive and Useful, Gadgets, Biotech


Appearance, Aesthetic, Functional, Industrial Design, Design Patents

Tarde Marks

Name, Slogan, Logo, Shapes, 3D Marks, Holograms, Motions


Literary, Musical, Artistic, Sound Recordings, Broadcasts, Photography


Buying or Starting a Franchise, Franchise Agreements

Intellectual Property in Africa

Smit & Van Wyk Intellectual Property services spans across the entire African continent. Patent, PCT National Phase applications and Trade Mark filings in most African countries, OAPI and ARIPO.

Many African countries form part of ARIPO or OAPI allowing for the filing of only one application to obtain protection in multiple territories. These regional systems reduce the administrative burden of those countries and support a better output of the relevant laws.

Most applications / filings
South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Kenya, Angola, Tanzania, Mauritius, Tunisia, Zambia, Ethiopia.

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