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Attorneys in South Africa specialising in areas of intellectual property rights can assist with patents, industrial designs, trademarks and copyright infringement. Intellectual properties have value and as such the registration thereof should be done with the assistance of qualified and experienced attorneys.

Trademark Attorneys

Before a trademark is registered, it is essential to conduct a thorough trademark search with which the attorney can assist. Although one can register a trademark without the assistance of an attorney, the complexity of the application can lead to the 1. trademark not being fully protected, or 2. infringing on the rights of another.

Patent Attorneys

When it comes to patent rights and the registration thereof, one can file a provisional patent without the assistance of a patent attorney, but must file the complete patent application with the help of a patent attorney.  The provisional patent application forms the foundation for the complete application (and any foreign applications), it should be drawn up professionally and with great care. The provisional patent application is an important document which will later form the basis for the complete patent application. It is advisable to use a well qualified and skilled draftsman in order to obtain the best possible protection for an invention. In essence, almost every transaction and business correspondence is governed by some form of intellectual property law. Be sure to get legal advice and assistance from experienced intellectual property attorneys.