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Chobani Greek Yoghurt‘s recent tweet caused a copyright infringement lawsuit from Dov Seidman against it’s New York-based Chobani and its advertising agency Droga5. Author Dov Seidman is suing for copyright infringement stemming from an ad campaign that featured the tagline “How Matters.” Seidman claims that Chobani stole the campaign concept from his 2011 book “How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything”. Seidman has trademarked certain uses of the word “how.” and Chobani has trademarked “how matters.”) While it may seem a little ridiculous that a person could trademark such a common term, Seidman says there is evidence of infringement in the form of a tweet Chobani sent him prior to the launch of the “How Matters” campaign. The lawsuit seeks undisclosed damages including any profits Chobani has earned from the campaign, which debuted during the Super Bowl. Chobani is reportedly seeking to sell a 20% stake that could value the company at $2.5 billion.

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