Congratulations to Jacques and Kim!

Smit & Van Wyk, Inc. is proud to announce that two of our candidate patent attorneys, Jacques Steyn and Kimberley Smith, passed the Drafting of Patent Specifications examination set by the South African Patent Examination Board (PEB) on their first attempt!

The Drafting of Patent Specifications examination is a Group 2(e) examination and comprises two papers, wherein the novel and inventive features of three inventions must be identified and suitably protected. This year, two of the inventions were gadget-type inventions, whilst the third was a method-type invention – an unexpected twist for most.

The PEB sets rigorous standards for all patents examinations but the Drafting of Patent Specifications examination is notoriously difficult. This year, the pass rate for this examination was 17,6%. Passing on first attempt is thus considered a great achievement and we congratulate Jacques and Kim on their success.

Jacques and Kim both joined Smit & Van Wyk, Inc. in January of 2017 and specialise in the drafting, prosecution and enforcement of patents and designs in South Africa and abroad.

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