Copyright Protection of Photographs

It is important to know that once you upload your photographs onto the Internet that it is your own responsibility to take the necessary steps to protect the copyright of your photographs.

Copyright Symbol ©

The first step to protect your photographs should be a copyright symbol on the photo and credits. You could even embed / watermark the notice in the photograph when displaying it on the Internet. For this purpose include the normal copyright symbol of a C in a circle ©, and be sure to include the date of publishing and your name in the copyright notice. Also include the phrase of All Rights Reserved in addition to the above mentioned details.

Copyright Licensing

When selling your pictures online or to a third party, be sure to provide a list of terms and conditions for usage of the photo to ensure copyright protection of photographs. You can assign exclusive rights, one-time or transactional rights, all rights, media rights, print and transfer rights. Our experienced team of intellectual property attorneys will be able to assist with such agreements. Contact us today for assistance regarding copyright protection of your photographs on the Internet or when selling them to a third party.

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