Copyscape is an online plagiarism checker and detects duplicate content. It is a free public service to address copyright infringement and plagiarism. Anyone can copy your website content and claim it as their own. It is up to you to find out whether someone has copied your content without permission.

Copyscape provides a free online search facility for plagiarism online.  It identifies instances of content theft. It also offers professional services for more advanced needs. It also provides a forum to share experiences, post questions and tips. Copyscape © 2011 Indigo Stream Technologies.


Copyright Infringement – Making photocopies for private use is NOT an infringement of copyright. Copying a public speech or a lecture does NOT constitute infringement. No infringement results if work is acknowledged when one is copying or citing from another author’s work.

Copyright South Africa – Copyright in South Africa, like in most other countries, differs from other forms of intellectual property in that it is not a right that needs to be registered (except in the USA).