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How a franchise agreement is setup depends on the type of franchise being bought and sold. No franchise agreement will be the same. There will definitely be provisions in the franchise agreement that will have a direct impact on how the franchisee run the franchise. You, the franchisor, may choose the location of your store or require to approve the site selected by the franchisee.

You may require a franchisee’s outlet to look the same as all the other outlets which forms part of the franchise group. (furniture, signage, menus and uniforms) The Franchise agreement should specify the manner and method of operations, business system requirements, suppliers, and advertising specifications.

Franchise agreements may be for fixed terms or a specified amount of years. Smit & Van Wyk, Inc. franchise attorneys can help any franchisor with franchise agreement setup and legal documentation assessment.

Franchise Agreement Setup for Franchisors

Step 1
If you own a franchise  and you would like us to setup the franchise agreements and legal documentation, please feel free to contact us at enquiries@svw.co.za.

Step 2
Our experienced franchise attorneys will setup your franchise agreement and advise on any legal provisions that may be applicable.

Step 3
We will give you legal advice on all aspects of the franchise agreement and what steps to follow.

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