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Your mark should be registered in the countries in which you offer your products or services under that mark. You should also consider filing in countries where you intend to use the mark in the future, but some countries do have use requirements.

There is no such thing as a “worldwide” trademark. Some international agreements make it possible to file a single application to register a mark in more than one country. For example, a registration with BOIP offers trade mark protection in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. A Community Trade Mark registration protects a trade mark in all the member states of the European Union.

Madrid Agreement

The Madrid Agreement make it possible to file an application for an International Registration, which will offer a trademark protection in any of the countries the applicant designates that are party to those treaties. Filing with OAPI or ARIPO protects a trademark in all the African member states of the respective organisations.

Your intellectual property is a valuable intangible asset that should be protected in all the countries or territories in which you will use your mark. Smit & Van Wyk is a specialist legal practice that deals with patent, trademark and copyright law in the U.SMalaysiaIndiaChina, and Australia.

Our services includes trademark searches, maintenance and enforcement, but more specifically: providing advice on the registrability of a trademark, preparing and prosecuting trademark applications, licensing or franchising rights, handling of trademark maintenance including payment of renewal fees and recording amendments.