If you have created an invention that is new, useful and has the potential to generate an income for you buy either the function it perform, or by reproducing and selling the invention, you will be well-advised to apply for a patent on this invention. If the patent is granted, it means that the government will protect your sole right to exploit that invention for a certain period of time, meaning that you can enjoy the benefits of your work fully.

There are various requirements for registering a patent, and the best is to speak to a legal representative in this field to ensure you follow the correct route. Smit & Van Wyk Incorporated is a specialist South African legal practice dealing exclusively with intellectual property law, including the registration of and the matters surrounding a patent. Contact us for any advice you may need regarding this topic.

Protecting your ideas in Africa should not be a hassle. Our team of experienced patent attorneys can help protect your inventions and designs in most African countries, OAPI and ARIPO (which accounts for about a 3rd of the countries that you would want to file in)….
File Patents in Africa.

365 Ubuntu Climbs

365 Ubuntu Climbs With the Renaissance Guy The Renaissance Guy, Andrew Patterson, has a goal of hiking up Table Mountain, Cape Town, every day for a full year… but for what purpose? Last year, Andrew realised that he had a calling to contribute something...

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Congratulations to Jacques and Kim

Congratulations to Jacques and Kim! Smit & Van Wyk, Inc. is proud to announce that two of our candidate patent attorneys, Jacques Steyn and Kimberley Smith, passed the Drafting of Patent Specifications examination set by the South African...

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First to Use

First to Use What is First-to-Use? This means that the first person / entity that actually made use of the mark in connection with the goods and/or services for which they’re applying, will obtain registration and may prevent others from using it. This is...

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