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South African engineer, George Pratley invented the world famous Pratley Putty. He mostly developed innovative products for the mining sector. George Pratley also invented fun products like robots and miniature motorcycles. He established Pratley Engineering in 1948. In 1950 he invented and patented the first electrical delay explosives igniter and 10 years later, Pratley Putty.

In 1965, George Pratley built a robot from scrap metal held together by Pratley Putty. Pratley Putty was also used on the NASA landing craft on the Apollo XI mission to the moon in 1969. Pratley Putty was also used to stop a crack in one of the supports of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

In 1970 he launched the Pratley Bike, a miniature motorcycle that folded up to fit into a carry bag. George Pratley passed away in 1983 with his son Kim succeeding him as CEO of the Pratley Group. Today the company manufactures 800 products and has registered 300 patents.