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The ROAD BUDDY is a Road Safety warning app for motorists, joggers, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians making use of smartphone technology. The ROAD BUDDY is designed to reduce the percentage of everyday collisions and was developed in response to the need to improve awareness and safety on national and international roads among road users.

All cyclists, joggers, motorcyclists, pedestrians and emergency services (ambulances, police, fire brigade etc) are transmitters.

All other road users, for instance normal vehicles, trucks and buses, delivery vehicles are receivers. The receiver group will receive warnings from the transmitters (cyclists, joggers, etc)

Download the ROAD BUDDY app to your Smartphone: iTunes | Android
A smartphone app that can save your life! The Road Buddy app is one complete app that has all the different user abilities required. You only need to download one app and you will be able to select between the options available for both Road Buddy transmitters and receivers.

ROAD BUDDY App Features include:

  • Full exercise monitoring program with GPS tracking ability. Monitors your start and finish time, , duration of workout, distance travelled, calories burned, elevation, average pace and max speed.
  • A route tracker. Easily share your workouts or routes via facebook, twitter, email or SMS.
  • GPS tagged photos and notes option.
  • A logbook for vehicles and motorcycles with a route tracker that can save the information in a logbook format that can be submitted for tax returns as well as personal or professional work requirements. Full data spreadsheet compatibility including the following information: vehicle details, route, start and end time, duration, distance travelled with automated start and end addresses.
  • Road Buddy SOS Feature. Sends out a SOS warning via SMS or mail with your precise location to any number of contacts in the case of an emergency. Map link included in SOS message.

Please note: The app uses continuous location updates in background mode. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Contact Details for Road Buddy:



ROAD BUDDY is an IBM partner, engaged in the IBM Global Entrepreneur program to accelerate this unique solution to market quickly, cost effectively with a sustainable and profitable model.

Posted on 13 December 2011
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