What We Do


Smit & Van Wyk is an intellectual property law firm that offers a comprehensive range of legal services across the African continent. Specialising in filing, maintaining and enforcing intellectual property in each African country and through regional organisations, Smit & Van Wyk’s value proposition is providing modern IP strategies unique to each clients’ needs and the commercial environment in Africa.


An exclusive right granted by a sovereign state to an inventor for a limited period of time in exchange for the details of your idea

Trade Marks

Distinguishes your goods or services from goods or services of others. Protects your name, logo, slogan, colours, holograms


A registered design does not protect the underlying concept of a product but rather the appearance embodying the design


Copyright vests in the author of a work once the work is created in a material form. Protects your content, music, photos, movies


Legal representation for all franchising matters including franchise agreements, licensing, advice when starting a franchise

Plant Breeders' Rights

Protection of new plant varieties bred by conventional or genetically modified means that don’t fall within patent protection

Business Start-up Package

Company name registration, domain name registration, one trademark search and one trademark registration

Domain Names

Registering domain names to ensure that others do not register a domain name that could be linked to your trademark

Company Registration

In order to transact in the formal sector or to access government support, you are required to register a business with the CIPC