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Stack Cup

Smit & Van Wyk attorneys legally represented Mr Marc Cocci with the patent and registered design registrations of his unique invention, the stackable cup, also known as Stack-Cup™. The stackable cup can now be seen at festivals, sports events, bars, restaurants, night clubs and canteens. The registered design protects the shape and appearance of the stackable cup and the patent protects the working of the invention on which the stackable cup handle is based.

How does it work?

The Stack-Cup™ is a recyclable and washable plastic drinking cup which features a unique patented handle design that enables you to simultaneously carry as many drinks as you possibly can. The invention relates to a stackable drinking cup, as well as a stackable cup holder. This means that the invention can be used to drink from a single cup or hold multiple filled cups that are stacked on top of each other to carry around.

What part is Patented?

The patent registration for the invention is focused on the unique design of the rigid handle which allows the cup to be stacked limitless. Cups are stacked in a circular motion from which only one handle is used to hold onto.

How to register your own Design or Invention?

Smit & Van Wyk attorneys services include the registration of patents, trademarks, copyrights and designs. If you are interested in registering your own patent or design, remember to keep the design or invention a secret. Do not market, or sell it until a patent application has been filed at the South African Patent Office.