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The IDA (International Design Alliance) is a venture between the international organizations that represent design and aim to bring the benefits of design to world bodies, governments, business and society. The International Design Alliance was created by founding partners ICSID and Icograda.

In 2008 the IDA also welcomed the International Federation of Interior Architects / Designers (IFI) to the alliance as a partner. The International Design Alliance serve as the collective voice of design and stimulate innovation through multidisciplinary design collaboration. The IDA promote the mutual interest of all design professions.

The International Design Alliance (IDA) is governed by the IDA Executive Committee, which consists of nine members. The ISCID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) is a non-profit organisation that protects and promotes the interests of the profession of industrial design. In October 2011 at the International Design Alliance (IDA) Congress in Taipei, the World Design Capital for 2014 title was awarded to Cape Town.

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