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The Yimi™ personal information system provides secure sharing and authenticating of information with service providers. It is an easy-to-use system for transmitting personal information from a client’s smartphone with consent recorded on and tracking provided by our servers. The information is transmitted by the Yimi app directly from the client’s device to a service provider’s app or IT system and is not stored elsewhere. Suitable applications include any situation where clients need to provide personal contact information or medical, banking and other particulars. Yimi is fast, accurate and secure. Clients who have stored their personal information and documents on a phone using the Yimi app, can inform a service provider requesting any of their information to use the (advertising supported) web interface to the Yimi system in order to almost instantly receive accurate and approved personal information, digitally.

Service providers who subscribe to the system can directly integrate the information into their dataflow and access additional features such as added authentication to clients. If you are interested in a demonstration or in further information, please contact Konstant or Petrus on or phone us on 012 347 4466 during Johannesburg office hours.