Yummy Mummy Maternity brand offers innovative and stylish solutions to keep you looking and feeling your best during pregnancy. Yummy Mummy Maternity is a registered trade mark in South Africa.

The Belly Band

The Yummy Mummy Tummy is a seamless knit band to be worn around your bump and will give you loads more outfit options while pregnant. The Belly Band is an incredibly versatile garment that has been designed for stretch and recovery so that it can be used throughout your pregnancy. Wear it pulled up over your tummy as a discreet cover while breastfeeding and for lovely soft comforting support. With the Yummy Mummy Tummy’s fabulous new ways to extend your maternity wardrobe you’ll feel comfortable, hip and stylish and ever so Yummy, Mummy. Wear the Yummy Mummy Tummy band in a single layer or folded over to cover your unbuttoned pre-pregnancy clothes or to hold up new maternity outfits.

Other Products

Yummy Mummy Maternity also offers a range of other maternity products that include dresses, underwear, sports wear and maternity accessories.

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