Trademark registrations are done to ensure that the products for which registrations are completed are uniquely marked and distinguishable from that of competitors. The benefits of trade mark registrations outweigh the waiting period and any costs involved. For one, trademark registrations add value to a company. The value of a business is not only determined by its physical assets, but also by intellectual property assets. When one considers franchising, trade mark registration must be done to ensure protection of the brand. Through licensing agreements one can thus ensure royalty income for the usage of the trade mark.

What we offer…

Smit & Van Wyk offers assistance with trademark registrations in South Africa and abroad. Once the registration has been completed, you have permission to use ® symbol on your mark and it can also act as deterrent against potential infringement by other parties. Smit & Van Wyk Attorneys have a proven track record of successful trade mark registrations in South Africa and abroad (also see OAPI and ARIPO). We handle the initial trade mark searches to ensure that the trade mark you want to register is not already in use. This will minimise the risk of objections which can delay the trade mark registration progress.

In addition we also provide assistance in the assessment of the trade mark strength and will help you select the most appropriate classes for trade mark registrations for your particular product or service. With more than 45 classes available, such expertise is certainly useful. When it comes to the renewal, restoration or handling of trade mark objections in addition to licensing agreements, we are also able to assist.