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WIPO stands for World Intellectual Property Organization and is a United Nations (UN) agency which came into being in the late 1960s. The WIPO headquarters are located in Switzerland in the city of Geneva. There are 184 member states of the organisation, representing more than 89% of the countries globally.

WIPO administrates 23 treaties of which four are for classification, 13 for Intellectual Property Protection and a further six for worldwide protection. The application process for a patent is uncomplicated, but it is important to note that of the 184 member states must approve the patent before it becomes valid and protected within their borders. This can take a while. Since it is a UN agency, it ensures that the protection granted will be respected by each of the member states.

WIPO however, doesn’t only provide protection for patents, but also other Intellectual Property including that of copyright, designs, and trademarks. With this protection artists and musicians have the freedom to create masterpieces and have the assurance that their copyrighted works will be protected in all the member states.

Photographers, writers, and architects, companies looking to brand, and designers such as jewellery designers also have their fair share of protection. If you want your patent to be protected worldwide, you need to apply for such internationally. Get in contact with our lawyers for assistance and guidance. Our years of experience regarding intellectual property applications, locally and internationally will be to your benefit.