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Franchise attorneys deal with all legal aspects between franchisors and franchises. The business that starts the franchise is the franchisor and will license its trade name, operating methods and intellectual property to the franchisees. If you are the franchisor you may benefit from additional profits and you may retain control over your business system.

The franchisor and the franchisee should make use of a franchise attorneys to deal with the franchise agreement. No two franchise agreements are the same. How a franchise agreement is setup depends on the type of franchise. Each franchise agreement will have provisions that include royalty payments, franchise location, design, products, operations, insurance, and duration. These provisions will have a direct impact on how  your business is run.

All prospective franchise owners are required by law to receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) before they buy the franchise. This document covers everything that you need to know about the franchisor. It’s important to be intimately aware of everything in the FDD, as there are certain restrictions and obligations you’ll have as a franchisee and you could be terminated if you don’t abide by them.

No one goes into franchising expecting to fail. But, what if unseen circumstances force you to close down your business? Franchise attorneys can also help you if things go south.