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Buying a franchise is an alternative option for entrepreneurs who don’t want the risks of starting a new business. Franchising is a public business format and people recognize a franchise business because it carries a well known trademark and brand. South Africa has over 400 franchise systems and 23 000 franchise outlets. To purchase a franchise you must have a good idea of what industry you want to pursue.

Here are a few Franchise ideas:

Supa Quick. Tiger Wheel & Tire. Auto Armor.

Beauty & Wellness
Dis-chem Pharmacies, Planet Nails, Torga Optical.

Computer & Cellular
Computer Corporation, Inter Computers, Vodacare.

Construction Related
DIY Depot, Timbercity, Jacks Paint & Hardware.

Education & Training
Creative Minds, Brain Clinic, Damelin.

Fast Food
Steers, Mc Donalds, KFC.

Leisure & Entertainment
Monkey Magic, Mr Video, Stones.

John Dory’s, Mike’s Kitchen, Rhapsody’s.

Real Estate
Leapfrog, RealNet, Proplist.

Ibotix, Trellidoor, Yale Express.

Sport & Recreation
Planet Fitness Valuefit, Shapes for Women, Trappers Trading.

Travel & Tourism
Euphoria Tours & Safaris, Travel Experience, Virtrav.

Remember to always check if the franchise is a member of FASA (Franchise Association of South Africa). FASA promotes ethical franchising. For legal advice and franchise agreement setup & assessments, please contact Smit & Van Wyk, Inc. franchise attorneys

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