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The Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) is a South African Internet industry body and a voluntary organisation, representing the interests of its members. The Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) currently represents in excess of 150 Internet Service Providers with a diverse range of services and target markets. ISPA is represented by a management committee made up of ISPA members, elected by members at the annual general meeting. ISPA is entirely funded by the members. All ISPA members are bound by the Association’s Code of Conduct that requires all members to meet certain standards in terms of privacy, consumer protection, spam and protection of minors. By ensuring that various documents are made available to customers such as a privacy policy, terms and conditions, an acceptable use policy as well as providing a facility for dealing with complaints regarding unsolicited bulk email (spam) and unsolicited commercial communications, confidence is generally instilled in the service providers’ clients.


The complaints process provides a useful safety value for customers who have perhaps not reached the right person within an ISP to resolve their complaint. ISPA’s process ensures that the complaint is escalated to the correct person, and this frequently enables amicable resolution of complaints and allows the ISP to retain a customer who may otherwise have
been lost.


The Electronic Communications Act provides significant immunity from liability to Internet Service Providers for content that is hosted on, or transited through, their network. ISPA has implemented a take-down notification procedure, which can be used by all of its members. Should you belong to ISPA and you act on a valid take-down notice by removing content, the ECT Act also protects you from liability for wrongful take-down claims from the owner of that content.

Internet exchanges

ISPA runs the Internet exchanges (JINX and CINX). The exchanges allow ISPA members to interconnect their networks in a cost-effective manner and help to keep South African Internet traffic in South Africa, instead of using more expensive international connections.

Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA)

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