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The Smit & Van Wyk qualified and experienced patent attorneys deal exclusively with patent, trademark and copyright law in South Africa and abroad. If your invention is new, inventive and useful, generally, a patent may be granted for the invention in terms of South African Patent Law. Although novelty can never be determined conclusively, an indication of the novelty of your invention may be found by conducting patent and literature searches. Our patent services covers all African countries where protection is available. Smit & Van Wyk is based in Pretoria but we represent our clients from all over the world by method of telephone, email and video conferencing. The South African Patent Office (CIPC) and High Court is situated in Pretoria.

Our Patent Attorneys Services Include:
  • Preparing and prosecuting patent and PCT applications.
  • Advising on the patentability of inventions.
  • Helping clients license, franchise or assign their rights.
  • Conducting patent searches.
  • Handling the payment of maintenance fees.
  • Recording amendments to a patent.
  • Translating patent specifications into local languages.

Our patent attorneys specialise in the identification, protection, prosecution and enforcement of patents in Africa. Our registered patent attorney’s cover a number of technical disciplines, including: mechanical, electrical, electronic and software engineering as well as biotechnology, life sciences, pharmaceuticals and chemical engineering.

South Africa is a member of the PCT and Paris Convention treaties. A patent PCT application will ensure that by filing one international patent application, that applicants can simultaneously seek protection for an invention in other PCT member countries. As a patent law firm, our experts litigate on these matters, and further, advise on IP valuation, licensing and related commercialisation aspects. With a passion for development in Africa, our patent department has built a trusted network of African agents over the past decade which allows us to extend these service offerings across the African continent.

Posted on 15 July 2011
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