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The patent drawing forms part of the patent application for the purpose of illustrating aspects of the invention and the various methods of functioning. The patent drawings can also indicate specific prior art or variations of the patent. Patent drawings commonly share the following elements:

  • Naming of the invention and details about the inventor as well as the invention in addition to the patent application number.
  • Full labeling of each component of the invention.
  • Formulas may be added to a patent drawing according to the requirements as set out by the specific patent office.
  • Even the paper size is regulated. All the patent drawings for a patent application must be done on the same size paper which is A4.
  • Several views can be drawn including front page, elevation and section views.
  • The views are arranged on a paper sheet to all be done in a specific direction.
  • The patent drawing must be done on scale.
  • Shading can be included to provide visual understanding of the invention surfaces
  • The legends must be simplified to eliminate page cluttering.
  • Arrows may be used only at the end of a line and with clear purpose.

Although patent drawings thus share some common elements one should also note that the specific patent office where you will submit the application may have a set of rules and regulations regarding the patent drawings. Always approach the office first for a detailed list of requirements to ensure that your patent drawing will be accepted and will be in line with the required standards. The patent drawings don’t have to be in a specific view format, but can include for instance, sectional views, partial views, exploded views, and modified forms.