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Patent Duration

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Patent duration refers to the period in which the patent holder has monopoly rights to their invention, the granting of usage, distribution, and marketing rights to others, and the right to commercial benefit from such for a specific period. Patent duration is normally 20 years from the granting of the patent rights by the South African Patent Office. It should be noted that the patent duration periods may differ from country to country. In the USA for instance, the original period was 14 years, which was later extended to 17 years, and now is 20 years, with the possibility of extension of the duration for another 5 years.

What happens once the patent rights lapse?

After the patent duration of 20 years, the invention becomes public domain and anyone has the right to use it, distribute it and to make profit from it. As such there is a window of opportunity period to commercially benefit from the patent, which is 20 years in duration. The inventor must exploit the invention in this period while having exclusive rights to it. We as intellectual property attorneys assist inventors in registering their patents, assist in patent duration extension applications, international applications, setting up of license agreements, and handling disputes as well as litigation on behalf of clients. We provide advice, conduct novelty searches, and assess the usability and commercial or agricultural usage possibility, and obviousness of an invention. In addition we help to ensure that the description, drawings, and specifications are done correctly.

Posted on 25 February 2016
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Patent Attorneys
It is highly recommended that your claims be written by a qualified patent attorney or patent agent. The patent attorneys at Smit & Van Wyk provide a wide range of patent-related services across multiple industries and fields of technologies, including patent drafting, filing and prosecution.

Mauritius Trademarks
Mauritius trademarks recognise the Nice Classification of goods and services, and allows for multi-class filing. Mauritius trademarks are valid for 10 years from the filing date and renewable for periods of 10 years each upon payment of the renewal fee.

Franchise Attorneys
Franchising legal advice is specialised and differs from other areas of law, thus you need find yourself an attorney that specialises in this specific type of law. Franchise attorneys represent the franchisor, as well as the franchisee. 

PCT National Phase Patents
The PCT National Phase is the second of the two main phases of the PCT procedure. It follows the international phase and consists in the processing of the international application before each Office of (or acting for a Contracting State) that has been designated in the international application.