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The South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law (SAIIPL) represents more than 140 intellectual property agents and attorneys. The SAIIPL is widely regarded as the custodian of South Africa’s intellectual property rights, and comprises practicing attorneys, academics, practitioners in businesses and in general, people interested in the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. A list of firms which are represented by the South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law can be found on their website. Smit & Van Wyk is also on the list. Clients can thus be assured of quality service according to ethical and legally compliant procedures. The members of the SAIIPL represent the majority of national and international businesses who have built their businesses on brands, innovation and technology, and who protect their interests through our country’s intellectual property laws. If an online company approaches you with suggestions of patenting your invention, first confirm whether the company is on the list as to prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of your eagerness to get your invention patented.

Two Intellectual Property Qualifications are available:

  1. The Patent Attorneys qualification which is a statutory qualification under control of the Patent Examination Board. An Attorney who has this qualification is entitled to register and to practice as a Patent Attorney and to Fellowship of the South African Institute of Intellectual Law.
  2. The Trade Mark Practitioners qualification is offered by the Institute to provide proficiency in trade marks and related fields. An Attorney with this qualification is entitled to Fellowship of the Institute.

Lectures for both the above qualifications are presented by members of the Institute during the first semester of each year. Student members of the Institute who are required to pay a lecture fee each year.