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Novelty Search 

(R 5 000 – R 10 000)

A novelty search is conducted prior to filing a Provisional Patent Application to identify potentially novel and/or inventive aspects of an invention in light of what already exists (i.e. the prior art).  Although a novelty search is not suggested for all inventions, the expected cost is approximately R5000 – R10 000 per invention.

Provisional Patent Application 

(R16 000 – R25 000)

The cost involved in the drafting and filing of a South African Provisional Patent Application generally amounts to between R16 000 and R25 000, depending on the complexity of the invention.  Drafting of the application includes the preparation of the patent specification and drawings of a legal and technical standard.  Once we have a better understanding of the invention, we will be able to provide you with a fixed-cost estimate.  However, bear in mind that this will be the only cost to incur for the reservation of your rights for the 12-month period afforded by the Provisional Patent Application.

Complete Patent Application 

(R18 000 – R28 000)

The drafting and filing of a South African Complete Patent Application is slightly more expensive than the Provisional Patent Application, as this application further includes a set of claims.  Ideally, you should have an indication of the commercial potential of the invention when considering whether to file Complete Patent Applications therefor, and this may guide you in terms of the viability of filing a such applications.


To commence drafting a Provisional – and/or a Complete Patent Application, we generally ask for a deposit before proceeding.  As such, we will not proceed with any substantial work unless explicitly instructed to do so by means of a deposit.

International Patent Applications 

(R40 000 – R100 000)

As indicated above, the cost of filing internationally varies greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and is largely dependent on the exchange rate at the time of filing the application in a particular jurisdiction.  Moreover, the inclusion of examination procedures in certain jurisdictions often necessitates further prosecution and thus, further costs are involved.  Should you wish for a quotation for a specific jurisdiction, please contact our Foreign Department.

Annual Renewal Fees 

A granted South African patent is subject to the payment of prescribed, annual renewal fees from the third anniversary of the date of filing the Complete Patent Application onwards.  Should the renewal fees not be paid timeously, the patent will lapse.